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Kitty kitty kitty kitty


Smile! 😁😁😁

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Hey… Are you having a bad day?


If you’re having a bad, sad, hard, difficult, stressful, depressing, anxiety filled day…






And I hope your days get better. <3

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A Daddy's Letter to His Little Girl (About Her Future Husband)


Dear Cutie-Pie,

Recently, your mother and I were searching for an answer on Google. Halfway through entering the question, Google returned a list of the most popular searches in the world. Perched at the top of the list was “How to keep him interested.”

It startled me. I scanned several of the countless articles about how to be sexy and sexual, when to bring him a beer versus a sandwich, and the ways to make him feel smart and superior.

And I got angry.

Little One, it is not, has never been, and never will be your job to “keep him interested.”

Little One, your only task is to know deeply in your soul—in that unshakeable place that isn’t rattled by rejection and loss and ego—that you are worthy of interest. (If you can remember that everyone else is worthy of interest also, the battle of your life will be mostly won. But that is a letter for another day.)

If you can trust your worth in this way, you will be attractive in the most important sense of the word: you will attract a boy who is both capable of interest and who wants to spend his one life investing all of his interest in you.

Little One, I want to tell you about the boy who doesn’t need to be kept interested, because he knows you are interesting:

I don’t care if he puts his elbows on the dinner table—as long as he puts his eyes on the way your nose scrunches when you smile. And then can’t stop looking.

I don’t care if he can’t play a bit of golf with me—as long as he can play with the children you give him and revel in all the glorious and frustrating ways they are just like you.

I don’t care if he doesn’t follow his wallet—as long as he follows his heart and it always leads him back to you.

I don’t care if he is strong—as long as he gives you the space to exercise the strength that is in your heart.

I couldn’t care less how he votes—as long as he wakes up every morning and daily elects you to a place of honor in your home and a place of reverence in his heart.

I don’t care about the color of his skin—as long as he paints the canvas of your lives with brushstrokes of patience, and sacrifice, and vulnerability, and tenderness.

I don’t care if he was raised in this religion or that religion or no religion—as long as he was raised to value the sacred and to know every moment of life, and every moment of life with you, is deeply sacred.

In the end, Little One, if you stumble across a man like that and he and I have nothing else in common, we will have the most important thing in common:


Because in the end, Little One, the only thing you should have to do to “keep him interested” is to be you.

Your eternally interested guy,


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I don’t care who you are, I don’t care what you’ve done in the past, I don’t care what you’ve promised or what you’ve gone through up until now; you’re allowed to change your mind. You’re allowed to be upset, or broken, or however hurt you feel necessary for any given situation, and you deserve to feel loved and worth it. You don’t owe any one an explanation for how you choose to take care of yourself, or for why you feel the way that you do. I don’t think people understand how stressful it is to explain what’s going on in your head when you don’t even understand it yourself. I just want you to know it’s okay.
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Artist: Madeline Ava
Track: "Cheer Up, Buttercup"


Madeline Ava | Cheer Up, Buttercup

I wish you’d wake up in the morning feeling
like you could take over the world

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Cheer up, buttercup. 🌼 on We Heart It.


Cheer up, buttercup. 🌼 on We Heart It.

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So according to the movie Back to the Future Part II, by the year of our lord 2015 there are supposed to be 19 movies in the Jaws franchise.  As of January 2014, there are only 4.  I personally see this as an enormous travesty, which is why I’m calling on the internet to rectify this grievous mistake.

I challenge the geek community, the web community, the YouTube community, the film community, the time travel community, the hypothetical Jaws community, and the local community college to answer my call and create 15 new JAWS feature-length movies before October 21st, 2015.

According to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, American Film Institute, and British Film Institute, a feature film has to be at least 40 minutes long.  So even if your film is 40 straight minutes of a rubber shark floating quietly in a bathtub, it still fulfills what I am asking of you in the challenge, and it is still probably a more entertaining watch than Jaws: the Revenge.

So grab your camera phones, a bucket, and that inflatable shark you bought at the dollar store, because it’s showtime.  Live-action, stop-motion, puppets, pencil animation, CG, piss on film- it doesn’t matter how you create the movie!  Just go and make the 2015 of Back to the Future II a reality.

Signal boost, if you please!

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when the person u like logs on


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